AC Repairs & Installation

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When it comes to AC repair in Sacramento CA, there is nothing we can’t handle at Heald Mechanical. For over 100 years, we have tackled the smallest and largest cooling problems with residential AC units in the area. Since we’re in this service for the longest time, we can offer affordable AC Repair in Sacramento without comprising on quality. The team we have employed for air conditioner service in Sacramento is certified and experienced. Being without cool air can be extremely uncomfortable; you can rely on us to lead you out of that situation.  We offer a wide range of air conditioner services and are proficient in repairing all makes and models of an Air conditioning unit.

It’s essential to have your AC inspected for potential problems, otherwise, you may face major repair issues and thus, escalated repair costs. Everything you expect from an expert ac repair Sacramento CA company is what we are and do.

Some common signs that point to the need for central air conditioning systems repair include:

  • A spike in your monthly AC costs
  • A broken thermostat
  • Strange noises
  • Strange odors
  • A blower that either runs all the time or doesn’t run at all


Sometimes, replacement of an old AC unit is the only option you may have. A cooling system that is too old or experiencing recurring breakdowns can cause to pay more monthly utility bills. In those situations,  a replacement of an air conditioning unit is a more efficient option than a repair. Older Ac units are most likely to break down as compared to others. Replacing your existing Ac unit instead of going for ac repair in Sacramento CA is a smart decision for money savings and enjoying a properly working Ac unit.  Our team employed for air conditioning installation in Sacramento is qualified and experienced for proper and safe installation practices.

At Heald Mechanical, we do air conditioning installation in Sacramento the right way. A successful and proper installation is a must in order to deliver efficient cooling and ensure safety. When we install residential cooling systems, you can rest assured they will work to cool your home immediately.

AC Repair and Installation

Let’s look at  some benefits of having a new unit properly installed include:

  • Energy Efficiency – Whether you need a different sized air conditioner or one that is more up to date with today’s standards, you can really save on your energy bills each month with a new unit.
  • Improved Air Quality – A new central air conditioning system can help to ventilate your indoor air, making the quality improve by getting rid of airborne germs and trapped particles. Humidity is also controlled, which can help to limit the growth of mildew.
  • Proper Equipment – When you have our technicians install your new unit, you can expect to have the proper equipment included. From well-sealed ducts to adequate airflow and refrigerant levels, everything will be done right.
  • Total Comfort – With consistent temperatures, you are able to remain comfortable in your home during the hottest months of the year.

Buying a new Ac unit is a crucial investment. We will inspect your AC issues with our camera and video inspections and will suggest replacement when it is the only option. Over these years, we have continued to have been successful in preserving the value of our services. As we charge our customers on an hourly basis for our service, we are renowned in the market for providing an affordable AC Repair  in Sacramento.

You may have a cooling problem at odd hours too, but we are your saviors. Renowned as fast and 24*7 emergency AC repair service company, we will take care of your emergency AC repair needs.

To learn more about Sacramento HVAC services or a split-system AC, Contact Heald Mechanical at 916-972-7276. Let us help you determine whether you need maintenance service, and air conditioner service in Sacramento, or a new installation.