water heater problems

Common Water Heater Problems you Need Repair For

Are you facing problems with your water heater? Many companies in California offer a full range of heating system repair services, including water heater repair.

A water heater can start acting up due to several reasons. Sometimes, the issue is subtle and one that you can diagnose on your own. In other cases, the cause of dysfunction may be more than what you can detect and delay in repair can lead to massive damage.

Here are some common problems that homeowners face with their water heaters:

Differently Colored Hot Water

Both hot and cold water should look the same. If your hot water has a little brownish tinge, it signifies rust. This may be the result of a damaged anode rod causing the tank to rust. This is also common with gas water heaters when they start to corrode. While the problem is not alarming, you must not neglect the same. Get in touch with an experienced technician so that you don’t have to face major problems in the future.

Water Puddles or Leaks

There shouldn’t be any water puddles or leaks around the water heater. In case you see any, it means that you have a faulty connection or your heating element is leaking. Leaking is also an outcome of corrosion in the water heater storage tank or a damaged valve. These problems must be attended to by a trained plumber to avoid further dysfunction. If you don’t take action at the right time, you can further damage your water heater or cause a complete rupture.

Too Hot Water

Most often, if the water from your water heater is too hot, you need to change the temperature settings. However, if you’ve set the temperature at 120 degrees and the water is still too hot, there are problems with the heating element. The thermostat may not be working and you need a professional water heater repair in Sacramento.

Foul Smells

Hot water must smell just like regular tap water. If you feel that the water has a foul smell, it could be because of the existence of decaying and dying bacteria in the heater tank. As a result, you need to clean or replace your water heater.

Inefficient Heating

If you face a lack of hot water on a high-demand day, it is something common. You don’t need to pay attention to it. However, if it becomes a daily challenge, it indicates a problem with your water heater. Sometimes the reason is a water tank that is smaller in size and cannot meet your household’s daily demands. This means that you need an upgrade. On the other hand, low volumes of hot water could also be the result of crossed plumbing lines because of improper installation.

Whatever the reason for the dysfunction, make sure you address it at the right time so that your water heater does not pose major problems for you.