Water Heater repair and Replacement

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Professional Water Heater Installation and Repair in Sacramento

Hot water is no longer a luxury - it is a necessity. Residents of Sacramento use hot water for a wide range of activities like enjoying a relaxing shower, doing the dishes, or frequently washing their hands throughout the day. Thus, spending even one day without it seems like an incredible inconvenience. So, if you are facing any troubles with water heater repair in Sacramento, don’t try to manage it on your own. Get in touch with Heald Mechanical.


Heald Mechanical has been servicing California since 1910 with five generations of the Heald family dedicated to delivering honest pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We are a trusted company for hot water heater repair in Sacramento. We have a team of the best water heater technicians who arrive on time and make sure you get exactly what you need - be it water heater repair and replacement or new water heater installation in Sacramento.

Water Heater Repair in Sacramento

At Heald Mechanical, the services for water heaters include:

  • Full-service installation of a new water heater
  • Repair of all types of water heater - every brand and make
  • Replacement of old water heaters

When Do You Need Hot Water Heater Repair in Sacramento?

The water heater is used day in and day out. This means that you can expect to have, at some point in time, the need for hot water heater repair in Sacramento. You need to call the professionals at Heald Mechanical if your water heater is doing any of the following:

  • Not providing enough hot water
  • Taking longer to heat the water
  • Leakage from the water heater tank
  • Producing noise from the water heater tank
water heater Repair

Expert Water Heater Installation in Sacramento

Water Heater Installation


While the installation of a water heater may seem as simple as hooking up a couple of hoses, it is not all that easy. Water heaters need to be installed safely both in terms of electrical and plumbing fittings. An incorrectly installed unit can pose dangers in your home. With the assistance of a licensed expert from Heald Mechanical, you can rest assured that your water heater installation Sacramento is done efficiently and successfully. It is safe and will deliver optimum performance along with maximum energy savings.

Our installation services include:

  • Efficient ventilation with proper placement of the heater
  • Professional installation of electric and gas elements
  • Complete setup of the water heater
  • Optimum performance
  • Maximum energy savings


We are also experts in water heater replacement services. We remove the old unit and help with its safe disposal. Our water heater experts are trained to tackle all your water installation needs, even if your water heater is of unusual size and needs to be fitted at a certain place.

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We need hot water for daily chores. No one likes to wake up to an icy cold shower or a long wait for hot water. Heald Mechanical provides quick water heater installations and hot water heater repair in Sacramento. Speak to our experts and they will be at your premises in just no time to provide water heater repair and installation in Sacramento.