How Often Do Water Heaters Need To Be Replaced?

Most homeowners don’t think about repairing the water heater unless it turns from giving warm water to cold water. From taking hot water showers to washing utensils, you take your water heater for granted until it stops working and puts a damper on all of these workings. An average person uses hot water 20 times a day if you calculate. Hence, it is essential to be proactive in maintaining the water heaters to avoid unexpected problems. But some people might not know when is the time to repair or replace the water heater. The manufacturers suggested a lifespan between 8 to 12 years for a traditional water heater. If you have a tankless water heater, it can last for 20 years before it needs replacement.

No matter what type of water heater you have, it will deteriorate over time. Inspecting your water heaters once a year from the professional team of water heater installation in Sacramento can help you extend the life of your water heater for more years. If you notice any of the below signs, your water heater might need some repair or replacement.

Signs For Replacing Water Heater

Water Seems To Be Cloudy, Dusty, Or Rusty:

The most substantial factor that indicates your water heater might need replacement is discolored water. It could happen due to the corrosion that results in rusting, which then leaks into the water supply. But before directly blaming your water heater, run the cold water from the cold tap for a few minutes. If the water is still rusty, your water heater might not be the reason; instead, the problem could be in the pipes. But if it is not rusty, it might be the time to buy a water heater from the best HVAC company in Sacramento.

Not Getting Enough Hot Water But High Electricity Bills:

When your water heater lacking in providing hot water, it is time to bring a new water heater to your home. Also, it is none other than an electric shock when you are consistently getting high electricity bills. It can give rise to an inevitable predicament. But a broken heating element could also be the reason for less hot water. Before any final decision, consider calling a plumber to inspect and fix the issue, as he can feasibly do this.

Strange Noises Coming Out From The Water Heaters:

As long as the water heater gets older, the noises it used to make for boiling water start becoming louder. It might be the significant reason for water heater replacement. Due to the lack of maintenance, the sediments build in the water tank and bang against the water heater sides. If the water sediment gets hard, it might disrupt the functioning of the water heaters, causing it to become inefficient.

Water Heater Leaking:

Over time, the water heater starts leaking due to its old age and lack of maintenance. The leaking, if consistent, might lead to potential damage to the homeowner’s property. It needs to be replaced or repaired sooner than later. A similar situation often happens with air conditioners as well. Once in a while, you must take an air conditioner service in Sacramento from the best industry leaders.

Multiple Repairs In A Year:

If you need to call the plumbers on several occasions for repairs and still do not get results, it’s a significant time to replace your water heater with the new one. But this time, consider buying a water heater that could last for enormous years and is energy-efficient.