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Ductless Heating and Cooling Mini-Split Systems in Sacramento

If the cooling system of your homes is working inefficiently, it's time to start considering replacement. Are you paying expensive energy bills and still hankering for efficiency from your ducted air cooling system? Rather than going for air duct repairs in Sacramento, you can switch to ductless cooling systems as it is not only affordable but also highly efficient systems.

However, if your home has ductwork installed already for a central AC system, canceling the idea for air duct replacement in Sacramento and switching to a ductless mini-split is not a rational decision as it can increase your overall installation costs.

Ductless heating and cooling systems are a great option if your Sacramento home doesn’t already have air ducts. At Heald Mechanical, we aim to give our customers the most choices for their various situations. A ductless mini-split system offers the same efficient heating and cooling capacity, without taking up as much space within the structure of your home. With a condenser unit outdoors and air handlers inside, you can easily change the temperature in each individual room for total comfort.

Speak to our heating and cooling experts for guidance and making a more informed decision if struck with confusion about whether to go for air duct repair and air duct replacement in Sacramento.

Why Choose This Option?

When it comes to the temperature in your home, you need an HVAC solution that will do the best job. A ductless mini system offers the following benefits:

  • Proven Technology – This technology has been on the market and widely used in homes for many decades, proving its effectiveness.
  • Money Savings – Ductless systems are more energy efficient, which translates to cost efficiency each month.
  • No Ducts Required – Whether your ducts are damaged or you don’t have any, there is no need to install them. This can save you money, time and the hassle of a messy job.
  • More Control – A mini system gives you more control over the specific temperature in each room of your home.
  • Convenience – Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems allow you to run both the heat and the cool air at the same time. Rather than going back and forth creating higher energy bills, you are able to conveniently maintain a comfortable temperature.
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Air Duct Repair Sacramento

Since air ducts remain hidden, they are most often ignored for repairs by many homeowners. Air ducts are also vulnerable to damage, just like other home appliances and equipment. Dirty and unclean air ducts are the most common reason for poor indoor air quality inside your homes. Air duct repair Sacramento services are essential to maintain a comfortable, healthy and safe environment inside your homes. Get your air ducts cleaned regularly with our highly-trained team of HVAC experts and keep your family safe from air borne diseases.

Leaking air ducts can impact your energy costs. If you see a rise in your utility bills and experience poor heating or cooling in your home, it may be a sign you have leaks in your air ducts.  Scheduling our quality inspection checks is an essential step to detect problems on time that may be existing in your air system. We will handle these problems with expert knowledge and expertise we have attained over the years. Whether it’s the need for air duct sealing, repair or air duct replacement in Sacramento, we are the true experts for ensuring a superior-quality heating and cooling service.

Signs that may indicate the need for air duct repair or replacement service.

  • It takes a great amount of time to cool or heat your rooms.
  • The system fails to heat or cool your home evenly or uniformly.
  • You experience a musty or foul odor coming from the HVAC unit or when you use it.
  • Unusual sounds coming from the ducts.
  • Your air ducts are too old

Common air duct problems that calls for a air duct repair in Sacramento

  • You have poorly installed air ducts
  • Pest infestation in your ductwork system
  • Leaking air ducts
  • Improperly insulated air ducts
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The team, at Heald Mechanical, has expert-level proficiency in fixing all types of air duct problems. Our experienced team can attend to your HVAC concerns and make recommendations to choose the best system, depending on your heating and cooling needs. If you’re considering a ductless heating and cooling system, contact the HVAC company in Sacramento that cares. At Heald Mechanical, we have the units that will be the most efficient, convenient, and cost-saving. Call us at 916-972-7276 to schedule your installation.