Furnace Repair and Installation

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Repairing Furnaces for Homes

If your heater won’t heat up like it’s supposed to, it may be time for a quality furnace repair. At Heald Mechanical, we have the technicians you need to take care of your heating repair. We understand the various furnace makes and models, and what it takes to get them running again. You deserve to be comfortable in your own home, and you can’t do that if the bearings, belts, motors, or fans in your unit are malfunctioning. Some other common heating issues include a broken thermostat, a dirty filter, a very noisy furnace, and a faulty pilot light. No matter the concern, we’ve got it covered with knowledgeable, efficient, and reliable technicians. Not only this, our furnace repair team at Heald Mechanical has the expertise and experience to offer you quick repairs. The team that is working with us is proficient enough to fix all types of furnace issues and help you decide whether replacement or a repair is required.


There are some problems that occur in residential units that are better handled with a furnace replacement instead of a repair. It might be hard to determine the best course of action by yourself, which is why we’ll come and take a look at it to help you decide. We have a proven record of always providing superior-quality services, whether it is the installation of new furnaces, maintenance, replacement of previously used furnaces.

For installation needs, we will guide you through the entire process of buying the right model, considering your specific heating needs. We can help you choose the system that will save your money on electricity bills and is suitable according to your requirements. So when it comes to your heating requirements, we are the one to rely on.

Quality craftsmanship and rewarding customer service; residents acknowledge us for these two when they receive our furnace repair service.

Some situations that may call for a total home heating replacement include:

  • The furnace breaking down completely
  • A non-efficient system
  • Available tax credits or rebates on a new system
  • An inappropriately sized existing unit
  • A noisy older unit

For both wall and floor models, and whether your unit is gas, electric, or has dual fuel systems, we can complete the furnace installation to warm your house up again.

Heating Repair service in Sacramento

Furnace Repair

A heating problem can come at any time, which can be extremely uncomfortable and even risky to your family if you live in a very cold place. With our top-notch services, you won’t have to bear the cold for too long. At Heald Mechanical, our furnace repair experts are trained to fix all types of makes and models. They will diagnose the issue properly and make your heater running again. We will also give you some essential tips on preventing common furnace and heater problems.

Here are some problems that indicate it’s time to call for a furnace repair:

  • The furnace is making strange or unusually loud noises.
  • It fails to keep the rooms warm
  • Your furnace has a faulty pilot light
  • The furnace flame has a color other than blue

What to expect from us

  • Fast service
  • Professional and friendly technicians
  • Licensed and trained heating repair technicians
  • Affordable rates and quality workmanship

To schedule a central heating system, heater replacement, or furnace repair, contact Heald Mechanical today. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, integrity, and honest pricing, you can’t go wrong with our service. Simply give us a call at 916-972-7276, and let’s get started with a regularly scheduled maintenance visit for your systems.