Can You Run Out Of Hot Water With A Tankless Water Heater?

Can You Run Out Of Hot Water With A Tankless Water Heater?

As time passes, new technologies are introduced in the market that not only makes our life easier but also helps with energy efficiency. Regarding water heater installations in Sacramento, choosing something energy-efficient is the best option. The storage water tanks have had a lot of advancements, making them more energy efficient. Besides that, there are also new ways of heating water for your home, like the heat pump water heater where the heater uses the heat in the air to heat the water.

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As you can see, there are many energy-efficient water heater options, but today, we will focus on the star of the show Tankless Water Heaters that never run out of hot water. We are here to answer the most asked question about Tankless water heaters and clear some doubts while at it. 

The Tankless water heater is not a new technology. It was invented in the late 1900s. The technology that makes them affordable and valuable for households is new. Tankless water heaters have their own benefits, one of which is never running out of hot water, unlike storage water heaters. Let's break down the truth behind can you run out of hot water while using a tankless water heater?

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Do Tankless Water Heaters Provide Limitless Hot Water?

To answer the question fully, we need to get into the details of how a tankless hot water system works and how it is like a hot water heater that never runs out.

  • A water heating system with storage stores high-temperature water that is ready to use. But when you start using the water, the storage tank slowly runs out. After the storage is empty, it takes some time to heat more water to be used again. Until that happens, you will be forced to adjust to cold showers. 
  • With a tankless water heater system, no water storage can get depleted. This type of water heater heats the water when it is demanded. For example, if you turn on the hot water tap, the water heater will detect the movement of water and give out heat to heat the water as it passes. This water supply won't stop until you turn off the tap or the shower you are using. Thus creating an endless supply of hot water. 

That sounds great to an extent, but these tankless water heaters have their own set of drawbacks. These tankless water heaters never run out of hot water, but they can face challenges when the demand is too high for them to handle. With a single tap or shower running, you need not worry. But if other taps, showers, or washing machines run altogether, the water heater will struggle to keep up with the demand and drain a lot of power to function.

This is why consulting a professional water heater installation company is important. At Heald Mechanical, we will help you decide whether to choose a tankless water heater. Once you discuss your water usage habits, we suggest a water heater storage system for you. Set up two tankless water heater systems depending on the demand at your house.

If you are looking for water heater installations in Sacramento, we are here to help. Give us a call for consultations and proper and safe installation.

We hope we cleared all your doubts on if a tankless water heater runs out of hot water, and now you can decide whether a tankless water heater unit suits you.