Myths about heating and cooling system you may be believing to be True

Myths about heating and cooling system you may be believing to be True

We perform routine maintenance, do the necessary cooling and heating repair in Sacramento, or possibly all those things to make our HVAC unit run as efficiently as possible.

But, there are some heating and cooling myths that people are accepting to be true, which is preventing them from making the most of HVAC units. In fact, false info can keep you from maintaining your heating and cooling system in the best way.

With the internet era, people get easily exposed to a pool of information spread all over on the digital platforms and develop some myths. You could even have been using these myths/tricks and applying them without releasing they are all futile.

Here, we have brought together the most common myths about heating and cooling units that are necessary to be busted :

No, it can cause problems that didn’t even exist before. When you close the vent, the air pressure in the ductwork can build up and rise high, leading to leaks in the vent seams. So stop believing closing vents will help cut down your energy bills.

  • Duct tape can be used in sealing the ductwork leaks

Compared to other sealants, duct taps fail completely in sealing the air ducts’ leaks. Thus, one should never use it to seal air ducts. Instead, you can use water-based mastic duct sealants) as they stick on them quite well and also hold up for long. In addition, it’s best to call HVAC repair and water heater installation Sacramento professionals to seal air ducts if it seems a not-so-doable job.

  • You don’t need to change air filters regularly, only changing them once a year is enough

Filters need to change when they get dirty because a clogged and dirty filter will restrict airflow, affecting the performance of your unit. It’s vital to change your filters on regular basis. But don’t change it every month if you don’t have pets, dust, indoor pollution. Although, according to recommendations, you are required to change or clean them every 1-3 months. If you don’t, your heating/cooling system will not work efficiently.

  • Maintenance deals are unnecessary expenses

Once the heating and air conditioning installation in Sacramento has successfully been done, people believe they have nothing to do with it from onwards. Because routine maintenance is deemed as an unnecessary expenditure by most people.

Reality: Regular maintenance is vital to prevent unexpected repairs, which can become costly if not resolved on time. With routine maintenance, the heating and cooling experts will spot the problem and even potential problem before they all become big and expensive.

  • Getting a bigger AC is better

Getting a bigger AC system will consume more energy, which means it will cost you more money. It can even cause your home to feel more humid, resulting in mediocre air comfort. It is also very likely to malfunction.

  • An energy-efficient model will save energy and reduce my electricity bills

Even if you have an energy-efficient heating/cooling unit, it won’t help unless your home is properly insulated or you have no leaks in the windows. It will only work effectively if there is good insulation.