What Is The Best SEER Rating For AC?

What is the Best SEER Rating for AC?

SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the most substantial component when looking for an air conditioner. It measures the air conditioner’s efficacy in cooling your home. Moreover, high SEER-rated units are deemed more energy-efficient than lower-rated ones. Hence, always examine the SEER rating of the AC brand you are interested in to eliminate investing money in an air conditioner that raises your monthly energy expenses. Let’s move further to know the ideal SEER rating for AC.

Finding the Best SEER Rating for AC!

Whether replacing an old AC or going for a new air conditioning installation in Sacramento, evaluating its SEER rating is predominant. As cited above, it’s a rating demonstrating how effectively an AC unit will cool your house, especially indicating energy use. Its rating is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units), and a device with a high BTU rating is more efficient. Explicitly, if an AC unit has a high SEER rating, it will use substantially less energy to chill your home, providing cost-saving and environmental protection.

Presently, 25 is the maximum SEER rating for all conditioners, making it approximately 50% more energy-efficient than lower ones and 44% more than minimum ones, which is 14 SEER. Furthermore, SEER is more extensive than EER ( Energy efficiency ratio) rating since it delivers an AC rating under optimum conditions (95 degrees F). Throughout the summer, SEER ratings highlight an AC’s efficacy between 65°F and 104°F, which is typically derived from the following formula:

SEER = (1 × EER100% + 42 × EER75% + 45 × EER50% + 12 × EER250%)/100

Is the SEER Rating All You Need?

Although the SEER rating is an essential component of an AC system, it’s not solely responsible for influencing an AC’s performance since another vital element is installation. Hence, ensuring the installation is accomplished appropriately is imperative after determining the optimum SEER rating AC. Improper installation may disrupt AC’s performance, regardless of the higher SEER rating. Employ the best HVAC company in Sacramento to get quality results. Also, address the following issues to guarantee that your AC performs adequately and is not affected by environmental forces.

  • Ample indoor space is vital for the new installation, repair, and maintenance. Ensure your technician provides access to the furnace or ductwork, enabling the evaporator coil’s feasible accessibility and maintenance.
  • The duct-sizing process should be used by the technician, and also ensure sealed and insulated ducts.
  • Consider installing adequate return air registers to eliminate warm air from your space while returning it to the unit.
  • Place your thermostat away from heat sources to guarantee it reads the appropriate ambient room temperature.
  • Verify that the refrigerant charge and airflow rate are precise as specified by the manufacturer.

Maximizing a Lower SEER AC Unit

You can boost your AC’s efficiency in your house if it has a lower SEER rating. Implementing the following measures may assist in ensuring that a 14 SEER unit function like a higher SEER unit.

  • Resealing and double-insulating the ducting
  • Installing attic exhaust fan
  • Utilizing Low-E windows and solar screens
  • Installing radiation barriers on the roof
  • Double-insulating the ceiling

Utilizing these methods may help you obtain the low SEER’s maximum performance if you don’t have the optimum SEER rating for AC units.